Sunday, January 25, 2015

glitter butt

How often do you look at your house and groan inwardly at all the stuff that needs to be done.  Dusting, vacuuming, and don't forget cleaning out that closet in the spare bedroom!  Have you taken that bag of old clothes to Good Will yet?  Is there ever an end to all the effort?  No.

3 girls and 1 boy in my house.  Between My Little Pony, Monster High, Littlest Pet Shop, Hannah Montana and numerous other toys marketed to malleable young minds, my house is positively, permanently penetrated with glitter.  It is ground into the carpet.  It is rubbed into the couch.  There are sparkles smeared across all my clothes, shoes and undergarments.  No matter where I look there is more glitter.  It comes off with various cleaners, sticky tape and a lot of effort but I say, Fuck the glitter.

I am sparkly now.  I shine like the starry night sky.  I am a beacon in this dark, dreary world.

I have enough to do with the effort expended trying to keep my two year old from ingesting pocket lint, my 10 year old from developing epilepsy through flashy video games, my 11 year old from a early nervous break down caused by peer pressure and myself from strangling my 13 year old.  I can barely keep up!  Leave alone trying to find new ways to punish myself with housework.

In the major scheme of things how important is an immaculate house. . . really?  Isn't it more important to take the time to enjoy a toddler's first poo in the potty than it is to multi-task scrubbing the toilet and scraping soap scum?  I mean, they only do that first poo once.

Are sparkly clean windows more important than the glitter on your cheeks after your 101st makeover at the hands of an enthusiastic future make-up artist?

In my opinion, the makeover is tantamount.

 So shine, mommy, shine.

Go out into the world with sparkles on your butt and cheerios in your hair.  Let the dishes soak.  Wear wrinkled pants.  Do, or don't do, whatever you need to so you can enjoy the kids while they are still kids.  The only thing really worth major effort are the good times you have.

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  1. Welcome - welcome - welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!! Nicely done! Thank you for sharing!! (now add some pictures!! )