Sunday, January 25, 2015

social mobility assignment

Describe the potential social mobility you have achieved in this job. Your mobility may be negative now if, for example, you work a low-paying internship, but positive in the future if the internship leads to a management position.
Occupation: Call center customer service associate
Prestige Score: estimated around 33, cashier at a grocery store
American Class: Working class
My potential social mobility with this position is minimal, though it is the first level of the ladder in the corporate environment. Many people in this position move on to “higher” level positions with more pay and prestige. This is achieved by agreeing to provide approximately 30% of the first 10 years wages to a college or university and complying with corporate standards for living. Usually the standards involve an invasive set of “core values” set by the company. The values are usually based on basic social norms like “thou shalt not steal,” so are easy to accept on the surface. When studied in depth they include duplicitous representation of the company to their customers that I found disturbing. I was unable to conform to the core values without upsetting my personal values and so was unable to “climb the ladder.” I have since left that company to find work that is more in line with my “core values.”

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